Royalty Free Sentimental Music prompting feelings and emotions of tenderness, sadness and nostalgia. Hand-picked tracks with a sincere, intimate and touching theme.

Calm and somber reflective track. Times gone by, experiences and emotions. Comforting and reassuring.

Comforting, Compassionate, Nostalgic, Sentimental,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Crashing Waves 30
  • Play Crashing Waves 60
  • Play Crashing Waves Sting
  • Play Crashing Waves Underscore Edit 01
  • Play Crashing Waves Underscore Edit 02
  • Play Crashing Waves Loop 01
  • Play Crashing Waves Loop 02
  • Play Crashing Waves Loop 03

Beautiful, thoughtful and somber. Reflective and tranquil. Feelings of past times and memories.

Funerals, Remembrance, Mourning and Memorial Services,
Compassionate, Intimate, Nostalgic, Sentimental, Tranquil,
Solo Piano,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Always Together 30
  • Play Always Together 60
  • Play Always Together Sting 01
  • Play Always Together Underscore
  • Play Always Together Loop 01
  • Play Always Together Loop 02
  • Play Always Together Loop 03

Chilled-out, down-tempo electronic theme with haunting string samples and funky breaks. Light, airy and enchanting.

Emotional, Sentimental, Thoughtful,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Spilt Milk (30 Second)
  • Play Spilt Milk (60 Seconds)
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 1
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 2
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 3
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 4
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 5
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 6
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 7
  • Play Spilt Milk Loop 8

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SpacePlay / Pause
  • Left arrowSkip back
  • Right arrowSkip forwards
  • Up arrowPrevious track
  • Down arrowNext track
  • AAdd to basket
  • FAdd to favourite
  • PAdd to playlist

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