Music for Presentations

Royalty free music for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Whether its that important PowerPoint presentation or a Keynote at this year's conference. Maybe you just want to create a nice vibe before your stage entrance or even a full blown communication across all of your platforms - we've got you covered.

From soft, delicate atmospheric tracks to informative backgrounds we've a range of royalty free presentation music ideal for synchronising to background presentations, walk-throughs, communications, videos and infographic animations.

Included in this pack:

  • Play Pennies Into Pounds 30
  • Play Pennies Into Pounds 60
  • Play Pennies Into Pounds Underscore

Included in this pack:

  • Play Space Age 30
  • Play Space Age 60
  • Play Space Age Sting 01
  • Play Space Age Sting 02
  • Play Space Age Sting 03
  • Play Space Age Underscore
  • Play Space Age Loop 01
  • Play Space Age Loop 02
  • Play Space Age Loop 03

Jolly, happy, feel good and easy going acoustic guitar and piano theme.

Music for Presentations, Acoustic - Happy,
Cheerful, Feel Good, Friendly, Happy, Jolly, Playful, Positive,

Included in this pack:

  • Play River Cottage 30
  • Play River Cottage 60

Whimsical, magical and fantasy themed music track with a sense of wonder, intrigue and curiosity.

Corporate, Creative Thinking, Enterprise and Innovation, Music for Presentations, Science and Technology,
Drama, Grand, Soaring, Thoughtful,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Follow The Light Edit 01
  • Play Follow The Light Edit 02

Spritely, upbeat theme with a feel-good business edge. Bright, perky and forward-looking.

Corporate, Music for Presentations,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Business In Motion 30
  • Play Business In Motion 60

Dreamy, relaxing electronic groove with a gentle, floating melody and deep, smooth beats. Warm, calm and luxurious.

Music for Presentations, Ambient Backgrounds, Chilled Beats, Gentle Moods, Healthy Living, Beauty and Style, Real Estate,
Relaxing, Smooth,
Chill Out, Lounge,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Open Spaces 30
  • Play Open Spaces 60
  • Play Open Spaces Sting 01
  • Play Open Spaces Sting 02
  • Play Open Spaces Sting 03
  • Play Open Spaces Underscore
  • Play Open Spaces Loop 02
  • Play Open Spaces Loop 01
  • Play Open Spaces Loop 03
  • Play Open Spaces Loop 05
  • Play Open Spaces Loop 04

Relaxing ambient theme that drifts along with gentle pads and soft, warm bass. Calm, thoughtful and peaceful.

Music for Presentations, Ambient Backgrounds, InfoMusic, De-Stress, Pilates, Ambient Earth,
Dreamy, Gentle, Peaceful, Relaxing, Slow, Sparse,

Included in this pack:

Dreamy, easygoing theme with lush electric piano and gentle beats. Warm, soft and relaxing.

Music for Presentations, On Hold Music, Chilled Beats, Holiday and Vacation, Tourism, Real Estate,
Delicate, Peaceful, Reassuring, Relaxing, Smooth, Soothing, Warm,
Chill Out,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Another Sunset 30
  • Play Another Sunset 60
  • Play Another Sunset Underscore
  • Play Another Sunset Loop 01
  • Play Another Sunset Loop 02
  • Play Another Sunset Loop 03
  • Play Another Sunset Loop 04

Soothing, blissed-out lullaby-like ambient theme with a soft, warm synth melody and gentle strings. Calm, relaxing and innocent.

Creative Thinking, Music for Presentations, Ambient Backgrounds, Creative and Fresh,
Dreamy, Light, Relaxing, Slow, Soothing, Sparkly,
Classical Pop,

Included in this pack:

  • Play New Wonder Loop 01
  • Play New Wonder Loop 02
  • Play New Wonder Loop 03

Warm, uplifting theme with twinkling melodies and happy clapping rhythm. Upbeat, encouraging and gentle.

Big Ideas, Music for Presentations, Creative and Fresh, Light, Free and Easy, Wedding Music - The Big Day,
Delicate, Encouraging, Friendly, Happy, Jolly, Melodic, Playful, Positive,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Simply Jolly 30
  • Play Simply Jolly 60
  • Play Simply Jolly Loop 01
  • Play Simply Jolly Loop 02
  • Play Simply Jolly Loop 03
  • Play Simply Jolly Loop 04

Gentle, dreamy theme with an infectious ukulele riff and grooving electronic percussion. Perky, upbeat and soothing.

Music for Presentations, On Hold Music, Creative and Fresh,
Feel Good, Fresh/Refreshing, Friendly, Happy, Jolly, Melodic, Reassuring, Ukulele,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Ukalaylu Loop 01
  • Play Ukalaylu Loop 02
  • Play Ukalaylu Loop 03

Included in this pack:

  • Play Cascades Loop 01
  • Play Cascades Loop 02

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SpacePlay / Pause
  • Left arrowSkip back
  • Right arrowSkip forwards
  • Up arrowPrevious track
  • Down arrowNext track
  • AAdd to basket
  • FAdd to favourite
  • PAdd to playlist

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