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Included in this pack:

  • Play Essence Of Life 30
  • Play Essence Of Life 60
  • Play Essence Of Life Underscore

Feel good, positive and uplifting indie rock track with a friendly, approachable theme.

Inspiring Indie Rock, Days Out, Positive and Uplifting,
Feel Good, Positive, Uplifting,
Indie Rock,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Another Latte 30
  • Play Another Latte 30 Underscore
  • Play Another Latte 60 Underscore
  • Play Another Latte Underscore
  • Play Another Latte 60

Included in this pack:

  • Play What Happens Now 30
  • Play What Happens Now 60
  • Play What Happens Now Underscore

Encouraging, positive and uplifting indie rock track with a feel good sound.

Inspiring Indie Rock, Reflective/Melancholy,
Encouraging, Positive, Uplifting,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Never Ending 30
  • Play Never Ending 60

Energetic drum and bass track with an intelligent, industrial and technological theme.

Action and Energy, Action and Sports, Intelligent Electronica, Industrial, Science and Technology,

Included in this pack:

Grand, inspiring and heroic track with a sense of accomplishment, achievement and trust.

GoPro Collection, Military, Action and War, Hero Themes, Patriotic, Inspirational,
Grand, Success/Achievement, Reliable/Trustworthy, Uplifting,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Running Man 15
  • Play Running Man 30
  • Play Running Man Sting 01
  • Play Running Man Sting 02
  • Play Running Man Sting 03
  • Play Running Man 60
  • Play Running Man Underscore

Heroic, epic and dramatic track with a determined, innovative and confident business/tech theme.

Epic and Dramatic, Movie Trailer Music, Hero Themes, Corporate, Technology,
Confident, Determined, Epic, Grand, Innovative, Stirring, Technological, Teamwork/Working Together,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Progression 15
  • Play Progression 30
  • Play Progression Sting 01
  • Play Progression 60
  • Play Progression Sting 02
  • Play Progression Sting 03
  • Play Progression Sting 04
  • Play Progression Underscore

Laid back, pleasant and reassuring Indie Pop Rock track with a comforting, easy going theme. A Deep House version of this track is also included.

Bouncing Indie Grooves, Inspiring Indie Rock, Big Ideas, Corporate, Reflective Ideas, Positive and Uplifting,
Comforting, Laid Back, Pleasant, Reassuring,
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Rock,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Guitar Voyage 15
  • Play Guitar Voyage 30
  • Play Guitar Voyage 60
  • Play Guitar Voyage Sting 01
  • Play Guitar Voyage Sting 02
  • Play Guitar Voyage No Drums Edit
  • Play Guitar Voyage Sting 03
  • Play Guitar Voyage Underscore

Included in this pack:

  • Play Ground Control 15
  • Play Ground Control 30
  • Play Ground Control 60
  • Play Ground Control Sting 01
  • Play Ground Control Sting 02
  • Play Ground Control Sting 03
  • Play Ground Control Underscore

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