The Moment

Feel good, positive and exciting indie pop track with an outgoing, happy go lucky sound. Comes bundled with underscore version without the vocals.

Days Out, Feel Good Pop/Rock, Good Times, Happy Go Lucky, Happy Pop Beats, Positive and Uplifting, Blog Life, Celebrity Life, Contemporary Living, Retail Pop,
Exciting, Feel Good, Positive,
Indie Pop,

Product Info

Product ID:
2.51 mins
108 bpm
Fully Loaded Productions


  • Play The Moment 30
  • Play The Moment 60
  • Play The Moment Sting 01
  • Play The Moment Sting 02
  • Play The Moment Sting 03
  • Play The Moment Sting 04
  • Play The Moment Underscore


  • Play The Moment Loop 01
  • Play The Moment Loop 02
  • Play The Moment Loop 04
  • Play The Moment Loop 03

Music Library

Fast-paced, upbeat theme with bloopy analogue synth leads and gentle chiming bells. Upbeat, motivational and uplifting.

Creative and Fresh,
Exciting, Friendly, Happy, Playful, Upbeat, Uplifting,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Analogue Joy 30
  • Play Analogue Joy 60
  • Play Analogue Joy Loop 01
  • Play Analogue Joy Loop 02
  • Play Analogue Joy Loop 03
  • Play Analogue Joy Loop 04
  • Play Analogue Joy Loop 05

Included in this pack:

  • Play Perfectly Balanced 30
  • Play Perfectly Balanced 60
  • Play Perfectly Balanced Underscore

Intimate, cinematic and thoughtful nu-indie dance track with an uplifting feel.

Epic Pop, Aspirational, Corporate, Creative Thinking, Reflective Ideas, Cinematic, Feel Good Pop/Rock,
Community, Uplifting,
Indie Pop,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Let The Light In 30
  • Play Let The Light In 60
  • Play Let The Light In Underscore

Included in this pack:

  • Play Essence Of Life 30
  • Play Essence Of Life 60
  • Play Essence Of Life Underscore

Included in this pack:

  • Play Maybe Tomorrow 30
  • Play Maybe Tomorrow 60
  • Play Maybe Tomorrow Underscore

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SpacePlay / Pause
  • Left arrowSkip back
  • Right arrowSkip forwards
  • Up arrowPrevious track
  • Down arrowNext track
  • AAdd to basket
  • FAdd to favourite
  • PAdd to playlist

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