What Does Your On-Hold Music Say About Your Business

What Does Your On-Hold Music Say About Your Business

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If you have a telephone On-Hold system, you need On-Hold music. You don't want to leave customers in silence while you answer their call. Choosing the right On-Hold music is vitally important as it not only affects the customer's mood, but it also reflects your business.

For example, for a business that sells classical instruments, or music lessons it would be beneficial to have some classical music as On-Hold music. This music is relatable to your business and the customer's interest. Likewise, a hotel or spa would look to incorporate relaxing, soothing music as to entice customers with what they can expect with their visit.

The audience demographic is also a key factor when choosing music On-Hold. If your main audience is under 30, then more youthful music like Indie Rock and Pop would be more suitable.

Another key role in choosing On-Hold music for your business is communicating your image and reputation to customers before they've spoken with you. For many corporate clients, music that conveys trust and reliability is important so that callers can make that association with your business. If the On-Hold music is loud, annoying and repetitive, it can create a bad mood with the caller before they've even got through.

Aside from the genre of music that best reflects your business, the choice of On-Hold music requires careful deliberation. We provide a handpicked selection of tracks for use as On-Hold Music chosen for their sound, composition and style.

Music tracks that are very complex and dynamic are not always suitable for On-Hold music systems. This is because the telephone line can only support a low fidelity audio file, resulting in a highly compressed sound. This means that music with lots of guitars and drums will sound quite bad because the high compression causes the track to lose the clarity and dynamic range, resulting in a more 'mashed up' sound. The key to choosing the perfect track for music On-Hold is something simple, clear and steady paced.

The video below highlights the difference between a normal music track and when it has been compressed to the common on-hold format:

In the video above, you'll notice a distinct difference between the full quality music track, and the highly compressed On-Hold format. This is due to the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted through a telephone line. That's why you get that 'telephone' sound when people call into a radio station. It may appear clear when speaking person to person, but when you add music to the mix, it's noticeably different.

That's why it's important to choose a music track that translates well into the On-Hold format. We've got an entire category of on hold music that has been hand-picked for use in telephone On-Hold systems for maximum compatibility. Sample some of our favourites below:

Did you know, Music On-Hold was actually discovered by accident in 1967? Find out more in our Origins of On-Hold Music article.

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On-Hold Music

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  • Tempo (bpm)
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Bright, clean and modern theme with a slick 4/4 beat and uplifting electric piano. Sleek, refreshing and invigorating.

Cool House, On Hold - Recommended,

Included in this pack:

  • Play House Mover 30
  • Play House Mover 60
  • Play House Mover Sting 01
  • Play House Mover Sting 02
  • Play House Mover Sting 03
  • Play House Mover Underscore
  • Play House Mover Loop 01
  • Play House Mover Loop 02

Dreamy, laid-back theme with enchanting harp melody and easygoing beats.

Creative Thinking, Intelligent Electronica, On Hold - Recommended,
Dreamy, Intelligent, Melodic, Relaxing,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Ascending Loop 01
  • Play Ascending Loop 02

Rich, warm, uplifting theme with a thick, soulful cello and twinkling piano melodies. Bright, inspiring and euphoric.

Creative and Fresh, On Hold - Big Small Business, On Hold - Recommended,
Bright, Positive, Warm,
Classical Pop,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Mello Cellow 30
  • Play Mellow Cellow 60
  • Play Mellow Cello Loop 01
  • Play Mellow Cello Loop 02
  • Play Mellow Cello Loop 03
  • Play Mellow Cello Loop 04

Summery, feel good track with upbeat scat vocals and gentle, soothing woodwind. Fresh, fun and uplifting.

Kickstarter Music, Sunshine and Smiles, On Hold - Easy Life, On Hold - Recommended,
Feel Good, Friendly, Happy, Melodic, Positive, Uplifting, Ukulele,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Sunbeams 30
  • Play Sunbeams 60
  • Play Sunbeams Sting
  • Play Sunbeams Underscore
  • Play Sunbeams Loop 01
  • Play Sunbeams Loop 02
  • Play Sunbeams Loop 03
  • Play Sunbeams Loop 04
  • Play Sunbeams Loop 05

Summery, uplifting deep-house style theme with a steady beat and shimmering guitar licks. Sophisticated, slick and upbeat.

Creative Thinking, Kickstarter Music, Beauty and Style, On Hold - Recommended,
Bright, Feel Good, Laid Back, Melodic, Peaceful, Relaxing, Smooth,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Some Sweet Day 60
  • Play Some Sweet Day Loop 01
  • Play Some Sweet Day Loop 02
  • Play Some Sweet Day Loop 03
  • Play Some Sweet Day Loop 04

Warm, magical, soft and emotive ambient track with a dreamy, tender and thoughtful sound.

Human/Emotions, Magical Moments, On Hold - Recommended,
Chilled Out, Dreamy, Emotional, Friendly, Gentle, Intimate, Optimistic, Reassuring, Relaxing, Sentimental, Subtle,

Included in this pack:

  • Play All This Time 30 Edit 01
  • Play All This Time 30 Edit 02
  • Play All This Time 60 Edit 01
  • Play All This Time 60 Edit 02
  • Play All This Time Sting 01
  • Play All This Time Sting 02
  • Play All This Time Underscore
  • Play All This Time Loop 01
  • Play All This Time Loop 02
  • Play All This Time Loop 03

Optimistic and positive electro track with a bright and inspiring theme.

Creative Thinking, Chilled Beats, Soft Pop, Blog Life, Contemporary Living, On Hold - Recommended,

Included in this pack:

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