Using Predictive Search

Using Predictive Search

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Our new website features a powerful new predictive search engine that matches your search query with existing categories we have, whether it be a mood/theme, keyword or genre. This means if your search matches an existing category of music, the tracks within are going to be highly relevant to your search as they've been hand-picked and curated by our team for that particular style.

Our new tri-search category system splits up music into mood/theme, keywords and genre. For example, if you search for the keyword 'uplifting' you'll be able to browse all music that is uplifting, irrespective of whether it's indie rock, corporate or beat based music. If you search for 'feel good' our predictive search will suggest 'feel good pop/rock', 'feel good pop' or general feel good to help narrow down the style of feel good music you might be looking for.

Moods/Themes are generally collections of music we've hand-picked that represent a particular mood/theme.

Keywords offer a much wider range of music from across all genres that represent a particular keyword.

Genres are of course, specific genres of music irrespective of their mood/theme or keyword. For example, you'll find uplifting, inspiring, soft, epic and emotional music all under rock because we have those variations of rock music. But if you're specifically looking for feel good rock, then our 'feel good pop/rock' would be the place to look and our predictive search will suggest this when you search.

Give it a try now.

Posted by Mark Malekpour

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