User Features

User Features

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We've updated our website with a host of exciting new features that make browsing for music easier, more practical and incredibly more in depth. Find your perfect music track using a range of features including:

Predictive Search

Find your perfect music track, quicker and easier than ever. Hand-picked, curated music to suit your project. You type it, we find it.

Tri-Category System

Browse music organised by mood/theme, keyword and genre. Our most extensive music library ever.

Advanced Filtering

Our powerful new advanced search makes it incredibly simple to refine your search to bring back the perfect music for your project.

Download Credits

Save money on pay-per-track downloads. Purchase a pack of credits and save as you go.

Playable Edits

Audition ANY edit included and download to try before you buy. Working on a 30 second project? Sample the 30 second edit.

Powerful Playlists

Organise, share and download playlists of music to share with clients and try with projects.

MP3 or WAV

Download high quality MP3 or uncompressed WAV. It's your choice, as standard with any purchase.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Sit back and glide through music using our keyword shortcuts to skip and scrub through tracks.

Posted by Mark Malekpour

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