Upgrading Your On-Hold Experience

Upgrading Your On-Hold Experience

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Why did our caller on hold experience suffer since we upgraded to our new phone system?

More than half of medium to large businesses have upgraded from a traditional phone system to an on-site or cloud-based VOIP system.  New phone systems reduce costs and offer a whole new array of unique features and benefits. Unfortunately, the on hold capabilities on new phone systems somehow got missed.  

Why does this matter?

The on hold experience is vitally important if you consider that 60% of callers will hang up if they have a negative on hold experience - this directly impacts a businesses bottom-line and brand loyalty.

Everyday examples of VOIP on hold limitations and negative on hold experiences:

> Playing an on hold message from the beginning every time

> Regular complaints of poor or muffled sound quality

> Playing an outdated message to callers

> Waiting days for Telecom providers to manually upload on hold content.

What can you do about this?

There is good news for both businesses and service providers that no longer want to live with these frustrations and negative business impacts.

CUBE is one of the most innovative technology companies in the on hold and in-store space. If you are a medium or large enterprise, we recommend reviewing their business on hold solutions that are designed to easily create engaging and profitable on hold campaigns across all types of telephone systems.  

Posted by Mark Malekpour

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