Royalty Free Music For YouTube - What, Why and How?

Royalty Free Music For YouTube - What, Why and How?

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Everyone is making video content for YouTube, whether it’s personal content featuring friends and family, or professional brands and companies promoting their products and services online. YouTube provides an incredibly easy platform to instantly share your video content with the world. With easy access to video editing software such as iMovie, anyone can create a video, add titles and music and upload for the world to see.

Whether a personal video, or professional video if you’re going to include background music you need to ensure you license it legally.

Royalty free music for YouTube is a quick, simple and cost-effective solution to licensing legally cleared music for use in your content. You can’t use someone else’s music in your video unless you either pay royalties, a sync fee or you accept third party copyright is owned by someone else and you content can be subject to adverts being placed alongside your video.

This may not matter if it’s a video of friends having fun but if you’re a professional company, with a brand and reputation you don’t want third party adverts promoting potentially competitive products alongside your own product videos.

Why is royalty free music for YouTube important?

You need to license legally cleared music for use in your YouTube videos to avoid:

  • Copyright infringement and removal of your content
  • Paying royalties to artists and sync fees to distributors
  • Being sued by copyright holders
  • Being banned from YouTube
  • Unable to monetise your content
  • Accepting third party adverts placed before, during and alongside your videos

Put simply, unless you have created the music yourself, you don’t have the right to use it for anything other than personal listening. That’s why has royalty free music for YouTube that is affordable and easy to access. We have over 5,000 unique music tracks available for immediate download.

Check out some of our music popular royalty free music for YouTube in the playlist below or browse our latest new music.

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Popular Royalty Free Music for YouTube

  • Track name
  • Composer
  • Duration
  • Tempo (bpm)
  • Options

Classy, warm dance track with soaring synths and catchy 'Wreck-It Ralph' style chorus. Friendly, fresh and positive. Has a similar sound to Owl City.

Kickstarter Music, Instagram, Events,
Positive, Showreel, Upbeat,
Commercial Dance, Pop/Dance,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Just About Now 15
  • Play Just About Now 30
  • Play Just About Now 60

Relaxed, sensual, dreamily flowing deep house track with warm Rhodes piano riffs and strings. Light and airy summer feel.

Electro Lounge, Cool House, Cafe Life, On Hold - Chilled Beats,
Light, Sophisticated,
Electronica, House,

Included in this pack:

  • Play Relaxed Elegance 30
  • Play Relaxed Elegance 60
  • Play Relaxed Elegance Loop 01
  • Play Relaxed Elegance Loop 02
  • Play Relaxed Elegance Loop 03

Included in this pack:

  • Play A Calming Neutrality 30
  • Play A Calming Neutrality 60
  • Play A Calming Neutrality Underscore

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