It's Time To STOP Using Free Music

It's Time To STOP Using Free Music

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There are plenty of resources online to find free music to use in your projects, but if you’re producing professional content, it’s definitely time to STOP using free music.

Separate Yourself

Free music is accessible to anyone and can be used by anyone. This means that great track you’ve chosen could also be used by someone producing their content, and chances are if it is a great track then more people will be using it. Because there is no barrier to entry with free music, the same track you’re syncing with a project and selling to a client could also be used on a young, YouTuber’s channel which could look bad.

Represent Your Quality

A lot of video producers creating content have no budget for music. In some cases, that’s fine. If they are a YouTuber, or creating personal content for their social media channels there is no expectation of budget. But if you’re creating something for a client that you a charging for, you’re represented by your work through your vision, your editing skills, software and hardware and resources. Don’t skimp on the music. It has to sound right as much as it has to be framed right.

Make the Investment

By licensing music, you’re immediately taking yourself out of the pool of ‘free music’ users and creating/publishing content with something they don’t have. Free music is used by a lot of content creators, and the good tracks generally stand out. This means they will be reused again and again on various videos. You don’t want your hard work and client’s branded content sounding like every other YouTube video.

You Get Better Suited Music

Quality of the music itself aside, a professional production music library spends time curating music and only publishing tracks that have a purpose. They are then categorised accordingly into theme specific collections and tagged with appropriate keywords. This means you can find music to suit your specific project instead of going with ‘upbeat’ or ‘feel good’. Our library features collections of music around: Days Out | Magical Moments | GoPro Music | Human/Emotions etc.

You Get More Value

When you license professional production music from our library, you get a range of inclusive edits at no extra cost including the option of WAV or MP3 for your preference. The majority of our tracks include a 30 and 60 second edit, designed perfectly for online content. Also included are stings and loops to further compliment the main music track and expand its usage for various applications. All this saves you time, as an editor in the edit suite trying to chop down or extend music tracks to fit your project.


When you license production music you get a receipt and license certificate as well as a copy of the license agreement. This provides proof of license and usage which can be presented to any required parties including YouTube.


Should any complications or issues arise with your music track that cannot be foreseen, you can always contact the music library for immediate and swift assistance regarding any copyright claims, ID matches or monetisation issues.


A lot of music is offered to use for free because the artist has enrolled into the YouTube monetisation program. In exchange for allowing you to use their music in your content, they receive payments from YouTube by placing ads before and during your content. If you intend to make money from your YouTube channel, this will prevent that straight away. Or, if you’re producing a video for a client, it’s entirely possible that competitor ads will be shown before, after or alongside your client’s content.

It also means that should the artist wish to withdraw permission to use their music at any time, your content can be blocked or taken down without warning.

This is why it pays to license music for your content. If you’re producing content for clients, or you intend to make money via online revenue then you should definitely look at licensing music from a professional production music library.

Posted by Mark Malekpour

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