Finding Music Couldn't Be Easier

Finding Music Couldn't Be Easier

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We've implemented a lot of great new features on our website. Taking onboard feedback from users, and making use of new technology, we've designed our library to be faster, easier and much more user friendly to make your music browsing experience the very best possible.

New Homepage

Our new homepage allows you get searching straight away, with an immediate search bar ready for your queries! Using our new suggestive search feature, you can start typing and our search will match you with existing, curated collections of music. So if you know where you want to start, type it and go!

Music Snapshot

Right below our search bar on the homepage is a snapshot of music we think you should check out. There's recommended music tracks chosen by our editors, as well as the top collections by Mood/Theme, Keyword and Genre we think are the best starting point for most projects to help inspire and guide you to relevent music.

Music Themes

Based on usage by our clients, we've grouped music together into what we think are 6 key project perfect themes that will suit your requirements. Whether you're looking to inspire, communicate, inform or tell a story, these themes will get you where you want to be.


We've simplified our license and made it much easier to interpret and understand. We've also expanded the usage covered by our Standard License to accommodate your projects. We've also added credit packs to offer even more value.

Music Consultancy

If you're struggling to find the perfect track, or don't know where to start. Just get in touch and our editors can help you. We can provide recommended categories or even put together a playlist of selections just for you. At no extra cost.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Browsing and auditioning music is easier than ever with our new keyboard shortcuts. You can play through an ENTIRE page of music using the arrow keys on your keyboard. No need to click and scroll endlessly! Just hover your hand over the arrow keys and you're good to go. You can play, skip, and scrub through tracks with shortcuts! You can use UP/DOWN to skip tracks and LEFT/RIGHT to scrub through the track itself.

Suggestive Search

We know that people search for music in different ways. Some users prefer to search by a genre like 'pop music' where as somebody else might want something that is happy, upbeat with a pop sound but doesn't know where to look for that in the pop music genre. So if you type in 'pop' our search will suggest a range of pop related collections, including genre and themes that we have compiled, such as 'happy pop beats' which is a handpicked collection of pop music, that has a happy, upbeat pop sound.

Advanced Search

Our new advanced search helps you drill down your music requirements by helping you search within collections or for music that has specific edits included. So if you're looking for a 30 second piece of music that has an human, emotional feel to it, you can search by that specific collection but only show results for music that has a pre-cut, inclusive 30 second edit. Pretty snazzy!

Perhaps you're working on a Podcast that needs some background music, but you also want an intro or outro. These are usually classified as 'Stings'. Many of our music tracks include a Sting, which is a short burst of the music from 5 to 15 seconds. This is often used to as an 'identifer' for the content so it has a familiar sound. You can use our advanced search to browse music that only features a Sting, or several Stings.

To access the advanced search, simply hit 'enter' on the search bar and click the 'Advanced Filtering' button to begin your advanced search!

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