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Music Release - Classical Music Collection - October 2008


The Beat Suite Symphonic Orchestra is proud to present the royalty free classical music collection. All of the music was performed and recorded live.

As with royalty free music, classical music from the likes of composers including Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and more can also be licensed from royalty free music libraries. Whilst the musical compositions are now out of copyright, many assume they can use works from classical composers without having to pay for it. This is not true. Like any piece of music, classical music has been performed and recorded by an orchestra, such as The Beat Suite Symphonic Orchestra. It is the recording that needs to be licensed for use.

Royalty free classical music can be licensed from royalty free music libraries including the Production Music Library, which offers many selections of royalty free music downloads, including royalty free classical music.

Famous Classical Music

Classical music is used everywhere. Whether standalone or as part of something bigger, it is the inspiration behind many great musical tracks and scores in Hollywood movies.

One notable piece of classical music Ride Of The Valkyries by Wagner, has been used in movies including Apocalypse Now and recent television adverts for Citroen. Production Music Library has this classical music track available to license, royalty free.

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