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The Media Edit Soundpack Pro is an essential collection of over 1,000 high quality royalty free sound effects brought to you exclusively from


Royalty Free Sound Effects

Featuring Swooshes, Whooshes, Text Title Sounds, Interface Sounds, Audio Idents, Impacts Sounds, Transition Sounds, Builds, Risers, Drones, Shimmers, Twinkles and much more.

Media Edit Soundpack Pro provides audio, video and digital content creators with royalty free sound effects to create compelling sound tracks for any production from video projects through to computer games, apps, stage productions and interactive media. Great care has been made to provide usable, high quality sounds that can be used again and again.

Supplied as 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, uncompressed Stereo WAV files, Media Edit Soundpack Pro provides you with a palette of high quality royalty free sound effects that will give your projects awesome impact and slick presentation value.

Direct compatibility with Final Cut, Adobe Premier, Avid, Sony Vegas, After Effects, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton and most other applications - it’s easy to use, simply drag and drop sounds straight into your productions.

Try our free demo to see how you like it.

All of the audio and royalty free sound effects used on the video soundtrack are included in the Media Edit Soundpack Pro except the music track ‘Wake Up Call’

Included in the Pack:

  • Audio Idents (124)
  • Builds, Risers and Sweeps (49)
  • Dramatic Impacts (74)
  • Drones and Atmospheres (40)
  • Interface Sound Effects (112)
  • Low-Frequency Sweeteners (11)
  • Pulses and Tones (65)
  • Rewinds, Scratches and Stops (42)
  • Servos and Machinery (97)
  • Shimmers and Twinkles (92)
  • Static, Noise and Interference (127)
  • Text and Title Sounds (119)
  • Whooshes and Swooshes: High Impact (91)
  • Whooshes and Swooshes: Simple (147)
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