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Royalty Free Music | Royalty Free World Music presents an incredible collection of royalty free world music with flavours, styles and themes from around the globe made up from traditional and modern music. We stock music influence from Africa, Asia, Europe, Indian, The Middle East, Oriental (China/Japan) and South America. Whether you’re looking for something traditional using authentic instruments from a specific region or an exciting track for holiday, leisure and travel media, we’ve got a huge selection of royalty free world music available immediate license. Preview, purchase and download now.

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  • Cape Town Welcome


    Happy, welcoming and friendly theme with African vocals and funky guitar licks. Bright, colourful and vibrant.

  • Africa


    Blissful, chilled-out theme with gentle ethnic percussion and heartwarming piano. Soft, reassuring and uplifting.

  • Safari


    Friendly, upbeat theme with exotic rhythms and summery guitars. Bright, uplifting and relaxing.

  • Party Afrikah


    Lively, upbeat theme with harmonious traditional south-african male choir. Fun, energetic and carefree.

  • Taj Mahal


    Funky, laid-back theme with traditonal Indian percussion and cool, airy pads. Evocative, exotic and chilled-out.

  • African Fields


    Tense and evolving ethnic soundscape with elements of suspense, mystery and drama.

  • Indian Morning


    Exotic, almost ambient theme with an intoxicating asian flavour. Gentle, soothing and peaceful.

  • An African Tale


    Happy-go-lucky theme with playful melodic wood percussion. Uplifting, jolly and inspirational.

  • Ang Kahora


    Downtempo and minimalist theme with an asian flavour. Slight electronic edge, mysterious and tense.

  • Mr Maghrabi


    Bright and breezy, uptempo South African inspired track with electric guitar, marimbas and drums. Fun, friendly and…

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