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World Music | Royalty Free European Music has a unique collection of royalty free European music available for download featuring a wide range of tracks with familiar, traditional themes from eastern and western Europe. You can download this entire category as a Podcast by clicking the Podcast button above.

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  • Dacha Polka


    Upbeat Yiddish themed acoustic track. Folky, jolly and friendly. Available as an Underscore, which cuts out the melodic,…

  • From The Mountains


    Familiar 'mountain music' heard in Braveheart, features bagpipe theme played over monotonous background tone.…

  • Kovsot


    Gentle, delicate theme with playful flute and and harp melodies. Soft, twinkly and uplifting.

  • Rondelle


    Quirky, European style track with accordian and piano slowly plodding along. Curious.

  • New Life In Provence


    Lively accordion-based theme with a melancholy quality and sense of narrative. Strong, characterful and atmospheric.

  • French Trip


    Classic, stereotypical french flavoured theme with accordion. Atmospheric, rustic and mellow.

  • Tango La Vida


    Traditional European cultural style Tango with accordion, piano and band. Happy, joyful, upbeat and cheerful. Good times…

  • Mist Accordion


    Downbeat, slow and mellow French inspired accordion piece with strings, pads and keyboards. Melancholic, reflective and…

  • Hosaana In Hebrew


    Traditional live performance of Hasaana/Hoshana in Hebrew with ethnic choir and instrumentation. Slow, melancholic.…

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