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Keywords | Technological

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  • Circuits


    Dreamy, reflective theme with a bittersweet atmosphere and steady guitar-driven groove. Warm, electronic and evocative.

  • Everything Is Happening Too Quickly


    Hard-hitting electronic theme with futuristic synth arpeggios and filtered guitar chords. Heavy, industrial and high…

  • Particles


    Rich, soft and ambient atmospheric track. Contemplative and intriguing.

  • Global Impact


    Pulsating electronic theme with a dreamy, echoing harp and shimmering, fluid pads. Uplifting, inspirational and…

  • Scientific Discovery


    Inspiring and thought provoking piece, pleasant and smooth. Mixture of technology and underwater style visuals.

  • Science And Nature


    Interesting, modern technological track, busy and hi-tech.

  • Inspired Thinking


    Dreamy, laid-back theme with twinkling bells, aquatic pads and easygoing beats. Calm, soothing and modern.

  • Making Movements


    Positive, motivating and upbeat electronica track with a sense of business, enterprise and innovation. Pulsing synths,…

  • Inside Electrons


    Laid-back, electronic theme with fat beats and a minimal, abstract melody. Gentle, spaced-out and squelchy.

  • Bustle Hustle


    Quirkly, laid-back back electronica with dreamy pads and a fidgety beat. Modern, soft and relaxing.

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