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Electronica | Royalty Free Techno Music

Royalty Free Techno Music has a range of royalty free techno and electronic music inspired breaks beats and bleeps from the dance music scene of the late 1980’s through to the modern day our royalty free techno music is available to license and download royalty free by adding to your basket and checking out.

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  • Replay The Night


    Upbeat, positive and uplifting funky tech/house beats with synth patterns gliding in and out.

  • Intergalactic Traveller


    Modern, high-tech, lively track with a prominent drum beat and swirling chords.

  • Hard Candy


    Dark and mysterious electro/progressive tech track with a similar sound to the Drive (2011) movie.

  • Night Fears


    Moody, minimalist electronica with haunting, abstract pads and complex, mechanical rhythms. Dark, lonely and industrial.

  • Impression


    Feel good, care free electro/tech house track with quirky sounds and a fat house beat flowing in and out.

  • Bass Bots


    Funky house track with pumping and oozing synth wobbles. Laid back progressive tech. Also available without vocals.

  • Baxter


    Laid-back electronic theme with gentle, ethereal pads and futuristic percussion. High-tech, modern and clinical.

  • Hadron Collider


    Energetic and pumped up action track with an upbeat and pumping sound

  • Night Train


    Upbeat, feel good and positive track with a blend of house and progressive tech.

  • Tribal Drops


    Progressive techno electro dance track with a distinct tribal sound. Relentless, determined groove that just goes on and…

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