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Keywords | Suspense

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  • High Stakes


    High-tech, technology-orientated theme with mechanical beats and a futuristic, industrial feel.

  • Infected Dawn


    Atmospheric, lonely theme with bubbling synth pads, epic strings and gentle acoustic guitar. Dramatic, desolate and…

  • Feel The Action


    Moody, atmospheric trip-hop theme with a deep, throbbing bassline and haunting female vocal.

  • Hiding In The Dark


    Dark, tense and moody soundtrack theme with contemporary electronic elements.

  • Drones And Bones


    Heavy, brooding contemporary orchestral soundtrack theme with a sinister, intimidating atmosphere. Dramatic, unnerving…

  • Heart Beat Nerve


    Dark, sneaky, moody, sinister track with a heartbeat like rhythm and twitchy strings. Mysterious and untrustworthy.…

  • Provoked


    Tense, dramatic orchestral soundtrack theme that rises to an exciting crescendo.

  • Waiting For Outcome


    Tense, unnerving soundtrack theme with anxious strings and contemporary electronic elements.

  • End Of Days


    Slow building, steady drum beat with atmospheric sounds. Similar to the soundtrack to the original DOOM videogame.

  • Legend


    Epic, dramatic and cinematic 'score' style track with a serious, brooding sound.

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