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Action Music | Royalty Free Sports Music

Pop, Rock and Indie inspired royalty free sports rock with a touch of triumph, victory, aspiration, vision and determination from Motivated and rewarding themes ideal for sports, action and other productions with a progressive and aspiring narrative. Why not sample our Driving and Exciting or Epic Showreel tracks for more royalty free sports rock available for immediate licensing. Download today.

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  • Headlong


    Action packed, upbeat, positive and exciting happy rock/college rock tune with an energetic, feel good sound.

  • Crazy Summer


    Driving, upbeat happy rock track with a positive, bright and energetic feel. Youthful, teenage and reckless.

  • Party Time


    Big, bold and proud rock anthem with heavy guitars and epic drums. Uplifting, encouraging and celebratory.

  • Future Sexy Blues


    Energetic and action packed track with a country and blues sound while still busy and bustling.

  • Fast Lane


    Fast and fun rock track with a confident, positive feeling. Teenage, youth and sports.

  • Liv


    Storming, energetic rock theme with pounding drums and huge guitars. Crunchy, thrilling and high-octane.

  • Last Man Standing


    Raw, energetic electronic rock with blazing synths and fierce guitars. Aggressive, energetic and action-packed.

  • Road Rags


    Rough classic rock tune with a determined and slightly dirty feel. Forward driving, competitive and energetic.

  • Battle Stations


    Bold and confident big beat track with gritty synth lines, distorted guitars and orchestral elements with style of The…

  • Fuzzbomb


    Fuzzy aggressive rock/punk track with vintage distorted guitars. Indie rock, attitude and teenage youth.

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