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Happy and Feel Good | Special Moments Copyright Free Music

Music made to invoke special memories of loved ones, past experiences and savouring treasured memories. May be suitable for personal memorials, celebrations, wakes or funerals. If you want something more upbeat, we recommend feel good royalty free music or sunshine and smiles. Any copyright free music track can be licensed and download instantly.

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  • Dreams


    Soft, intimate piano theme with dramatic string accompaniment. Powerful, delicate and emotional.

  • Memory


    Stirring, dramatic theme with marching drums and triumphant piano and strings. Moving, pulsating and inspiring.

  • Remembrances


    Tender, heartfelt piano-led theme with delicate bells and gentle flute. Soft, sweet and romantic.

  • Busy On The Rise


    Powerful, atmospheric and heartfelt track with a storytelling, narrative theme. Inspirational, soaring and cinematic.

  • Evening of Love


    Gentle, romantic and sentimental solo piano piece with an emotional and slightly reflective theme.

  • In The Clear Air


    Gentle, sincere and reflective track with an emotional, personal and melancholic theme.

  • Heartfelt Feelings


    Deep, sincere and emotional track with piano, strings and glockenspiel to create a cinematic, heartfelt and melancholic…

  • The Awakening


    Beautiful, somber, relaxing and provocative. Slow moving and appreciative

  • Don't Give Up


    Slow, tender and heartfelt track with a loving/long feel. Genuine, sincere and caring.

  • Like Heaven


    Slow, tender and touching thoughtful piece. Gentle, delicate and beautiful.

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