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Happy and Feel Good | Special Moments Copyright Free Music

Music made to invoke special memories of loved ones, past experiences and savouring treasured memories. May be suitable for personal memorials, celebrations, wakes or funerals. If you want something more upbeat, we recommend feel good royalty free music or sunshine and smiles. Any copyright free music track can be licensed and download instantly.

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  • Beautiful Memories


    Regal, soothing, beautiful orchestral strings and piano melody. A touching, memorable piece for those special moments.

  • Remember Me


    Slow, thoughtful and tender track with a genuine, sincere, heartfelt touch. Sombre, reflective and special.

  • Beckoning You


    Joyous, uplifting solo piano theme. Bright, heartwarming and cheering.

  • Losing Faith


    Somber, calm and slow reflective track with a steady background beat and lead piano.

  • Child At Night


    Tender, delicate and innocent track with a child's voice singing 'la la'. Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. Emotional,…

  • Through The Forest


    Intrigue, gentle and delicate piano melody that slowly and gradually builds. Comforting and thoughtful.

  • Guitar Blue


    Slow, gentle, graceful and tasteful warm acoustic guitar piece. Relaxing, heartwarming and comforting. Mellow, laid back…

  • Boitre Waltz


    Tender, delicate and beautiful special moments piece. Soft, sweet and pretty. Sparse piano, beauty and innocence.

  • One Winter Evening


    Beautiful piano melody, heart warming, reflective and emotional, thought provoking

  • Message To A Friend


    Warm, happy and comforting acoustic guitar based track with a sense of cherished and special moments.

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