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Industry and Technology | Royalty Free Science and Technology Music has a selection of spacious, intelligent, calm and modern royalty free science and technology music. Influenced and inspired by the science and technology all around us and the way that it continues to change human behaviours. License and download this production music now.

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  • Future Corp


    Dark and mysterious theme with deep, powerful drums and swirling synths. Big, important and powerful.

  • Luxury Lifestyle


    Ice-cool jazz / dub style theme with refined, urbane sophistication. Sexy, luxurious and soothing.

  • A Digital Future


    Futuristic, electronic business track with an enterprise and technology vibe.

  • Prototype


    Dark and foreboding track with a serious and mysterious feel that builds through our with a business, science and…

  • Follow The Light


    Whimsical, magical and fantasy themed music track with a sense of wonder, intrigue and curiosity.

  • Memories Of The Distant Past


    Dreamy, laid-back theme with sweet strings, abstract guitar and phasey, minimalist drums. Soft, gentle and evocative.

  • Last Place


    Fidgety electronic theme with a lively beat and fat square-lead bass. Modern, technological and energetic.

  • Smooth Science


    Chilled-out, laid-back theme with shimmering synth pads and deep beats. Calm, soothing and peaceful.

  • Crystal Fall


    Science and technology track with an understated, flowing groove. Synth pules and minimalist syncopated beat. Corporate…

  • Life's A Quiz Show


    Pulsing science and technology track with a corporate, business feel. Information, communication and industry.

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