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Themes and Collections | Sad and Melancholy Production Music

Intimate sad and melancholy production music from with a sad, sombre, longing feel. Mournful, desolate, heartbroken and harrowing. For similiar production music, visit our special moments category.

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  • Hard To Say Goodbye


    Soft, tender solo piano theme with a wistful, dreamy quality. Reflective, heartfelt and touching.

  • Gentle Thoughts


    Delicate, dream-like theme with tender strings and enchanting piano. Soothing, captivating and heartwarming.

  • 1159


    Somber, heartfelt piano theme with some delicate string accompaniment. Sad, melancholy and reflective.

  • Whirlpool


    Dynamic, emotional piano theme. Powerful, touching and affecting.

  • Gentle Breeze


    Soft, gentle piano-based theme with additional choir pads and strings. Heartfelt, emotional and nostalgic.

  • A Tale Of Love


    Slow, tranquil and somber. Reflective and deep track for a special moment in life.

  • More Than A Memory


    Lonely, reflective solo-piano theme. Wistful, nostalgic and somber.

  • Sadness


    Somber, melancholy solo-piano theme. Lonely, isolated and forlorn.

  • Missing


    Sad, reflective piano and string duet. Down-tempo, gentle and somber.

  • Just Stay


    Slow, sincere and contemplative piano-led track with a sombre, gentle mood.

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