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Score and Orchestral | Royalty Free Horror Music

Royalty Free Horror Music

Royalty free horror music from features a selection of dark, mysterious and sinister music tracks. Perfect for creating tension and suspense. These royalty free horror music tracks are available to license and download copyright free.

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  • Evil Pulse


    Dramatic and building theme with mysterious pads and pounding militaristic drums. Edgy, tense and brooding. Browse more…

  • Distorted Fragments


    Slow and moody track with menacing bassline and eerie soundscapes. Browse more royalty free horror music.

  • Angel Of Darkness


    Dark, haunting theme with distant, echoing beats and spine-chilling chanting vocal. Browse more royalty free horror…

  • Journey Into Darkness


    Dark, atmospheric soundtrack theme with tense, electronic textures and dramatic percussion. Eerie and unsettling. Browse…

  • Kubla Khan


    Energetic electronic rock track packed with attitude. Moody, menacing and high-impact. Browse more royalty free horror…

  • Fear Factor


    Tense, spine-tingling orchestral soundtrack theme with nail-biting tremolo strings. Browse more royalty free horror…

  • I'm Watching You


    Spooky, unsettling orchestral soundtrack theme with sinister bells and unnerving strings. Dark, threatening and…

  • Dark Undertow


    Brooding, sinister atmospheric soundscape with distinct electronic edge. Scary, disturbing and uncomfortable. Browse…

  • Beware


    Dark, eerie soundscape with unsettling tones and disturbing sounds. Browse more royalty free horror music.

  • Haunted Minds


    Moody, late-night dub theme with a deep, murky bassline and heavy atmosphere. Browse more royalty free horror music.

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