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Happy and Feel Good | Quirky Royalty Free Music

Quirky Royalty Free Music has a dynamic range of quirky royalty free music with a twisty, quirky, fun theme often comic or funny. Stand out quirky royalty free music tracks that bring something different to your productions.

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  • Clockwork Toys


    Laid back, easy going and relaxed track with a quirky and calming feel. Joyful, cheeky and inquisitive. Has a French…

  • Electro Strum


    Fun, quirky theme with a funky beat and warm, jangly guitar. Upbeat, carefree and friendly.

  • La-Ti-Dah


    Quirky, banjo-based country theme with a jangly, rustic feel. Fun, upbeat and evocative.

  • Tennessee Toothpick


    Moody, 70s style rock theme with jangly guitars and funky organ. Deep, hazy and bluesy.

  • Pickhammer


    Quirky, banjo-based country theme with a jangly, rustic feel. Fun, upbeat and evocative.

  • Waltz Street


    Extravagant waltz theme with a lavish saxophone. Rich, warm and elegant.

  • Hectic Affairs


    Fly-on-the-wall, dramedy style composition. Fun, mischievous and playful.

  • Comic


    Quirky, schizophrenic track with muted trumpets, mouth-organ and guitar. Laidback, jovial and fun.

  • Toyland Groove


    Cool, quirky and fun tune with an inquisitive nature. Smooth, sleek and charming feel good track.

  • Funny Bunny Cartoon


    Light hearted, comical, quirky and fun high spirited Hollywood cartoon style track.

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