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World Music | Royalty Free Oriental Music

A collection of royalty free oriental music from inspired by styles and themes from China and Japan. A range of music blending traditional instruments such as the Koto, flutes and gongs and familiar, distinctive modern production music for use in any project. Any oriental music track can be licensed and downloaded in seconds using our online checkout. If you want a less specific eastern sound, try our Asian music collection.

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  • Last Emperor


    Oriental Asian themed World track with an upbeat positive feel. Jolly and bright.

  • Kuala Lumpur


    Fresh, modern theme with an exotic asian flavour. Clean, modern and airy.

  • Martial Arts Master


    Epic, spiritual oriental theme with dramatic orchestral drums and enchanting koto melodies.

  • Chinese Divine Dance


    Exotic, dramatic oriental theme with pounding orchestral drums and dreamy, enchanting melodies. Spiritual, magical and…

  • Kingdom Of The Japanese


    Dramatic and eerie piece featuring traditional japanese koto and eerie flute.

  • China Temple Morning


    Enchanting, touching theme with traditional chinese instrumentation, delicate bells and haunting pads. Ethereal, magical…

  • Tibetan Sunrise


    Evocative and dramatic theme with dreamy ethnic instrumentation and modern synth elements. Tense, intriguing and…

  • Rising Sun


    Gentle, chilled out and atmospheric oriental flavoured theme. Exotic and intoxicating.

  • Kingdom Of The Chinese


    Traditional and gentle piece with classic chinese instrumentation. Stirring, heartfelt and moving.

  • Trade Routes


    Fresh, airy theme with strong eastern influences and ethnic instrumentation. Mellow, dreamy and intoxicating.

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