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Score and Orchestral | Royalty Free Mystery Music has a collection of score and orchestral based royalty free mystery music filled with intrigue and mysterious soundtrack themes.

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  • Once Upon A Time


    Dark, dramatic, threatening orchestral soundtrack with nervous strings and sinister brass section.

  • Benediction


    Somber, spiritual theme with a mysterious, ethereal feel. Solemn, mournful and serious.

  • Inside Story


    Slow-paced, edgy and thoughtful theme with sparse percussion and mysterious call and response patterns. Moody, tense and…

  • NYC Kind Of Blue


    Anxious, mysterious soundtrack theme with tense, atmospheric brass soloist.

  • Mystery


    Gentle, mysterious theme with piano and pizzicato strings. Atmospheric, pensive and anxious.

  • Oasis


    Epic, grand theme with majestic strings and huge, echoing drums. Evocative, mysterious and exotic.

  • Nautilus


    Tense, atmospheric theme with emotional synth-strings, sonar pulses and marimba melodies. Airy, emotional and laid-back.

  • Mysterious Clearing


    Tense, anxious electronic theme with funky breakbeats and sinister, mysterious strings.

  • Gong Walker


    Slightly sinister chilled out track with a repeating beat. Ambient and mysterious.

  • The Untold Story


    Tense, dark, unsettling orchestral soundtrack theme. Threatening and forboding.

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