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Business and Media | Media and News Copyright Free Music

Media and News Copyright Free Music

Copyright free music and royalty free background music themes based around TV, Radio, Internet and the portrayal of business throughout that media. This copyright free music collection has a more definitive corporate and media sound inspired by years of business news and coverage of the global markets and business leaders.

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  • Update


    Perky and inquisitive news theme with lively piano and rising synth-brass. Dynamic, engaging and captivating.

  • Headlines


    Dramatic, important news theme with orchestral strings and contemporary beat.

  • Around The Globe


    Bold and confident business theme with dramatic strings, dreamy synth lead and a pulsing, energetic rhythm. Powerful,…

  • Touching The Future


    Pulsing, high-tech trance theme with a throbbing bassline and spaced-out, ethereal pads. Relaxed, confident and…

  • Set The Pace


    Fast-paced, modern, high-tech theme with a bright, confident feel. Solid, upbeat and switched on.

  • Information Rush


    Uptempo and urgent theme with fizzing synth parts and driving bass. Important, attention-grabbing and fresh.

  • Incoming Transmission


    Urgent and professional theme with methodical, steady rhythm, glossy synths and dramatic orchestra hits. Sleek,…

  • Driving Forward


    Pulsing, high-tech electronic theme with important, dramatic strings. Up-tempo and compelling.

  • Global Player


    Modern, orchestral theme with important, dramatic strings. Dominant, powerful and compelling.

  • Night Metropolis


    Constantly living and breathing, busy and bustling but calm and confident, reassuring track.

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