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| Latest Royalty Free Music offers an expansive royalty free music library that is impressively diverse. No matter what project you are working on, we will have the production music to fit it, in style and tone to stimulate your audience. Browse our full selection of the latest copyright free music in our royalty free music library and buy online today.

  • Calm Realms


    Gentle, relaxing theme with a laid-back beat, haunting choir and soothing synth pads. Soft, mellow and chilled-out.

  • Unnamable


    Magical, fantastical orchestral soundtrack with eerie choir and creepy staccato strings. Dramatic, forboding and…

  • Romance


    Soft, beautiful and romantic piano theme with string and brass accompaniment. Tender, caring and heartwarming.

  • Fantasy


    Dramatic, fantastical and mysterious orchestral theme with choir backing. Tense, exciting and magical.

  • Science Fiction


    High-tech action thriller theme with orchestral strings and clinical electronic beats. Futuristic, dramatic and…

  • Modern Chase


    High-octane adrenaline-fueled action theme with pounding drums and tense, gripping orchestra. Breathless, pacey and…

  • Journey to Neverland


    Magical, exciting and uplifting orchestral theme with soaring strings and melodious harp.

  • New York Skyline


    Relaxed, easy-going theme with a hypnotic groove and an intoxicating soundscape. Mellow, chilled out and soothing.

  • House of Tales


    Dreamy, blissed-out theme with warm electric piano, lazy breaks and haunting xyolophone. Calm, relaxing and meditative.

  • Slender


    Deep, hazy, intoxicating theme with a gentle beat and moody, mediterranean guitars. Blissed-out, relaxing and evocative.

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