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| Latest Royalty Free Music offers an expansive royalty free music library that is impressively diverse. No matter what project you are working on, we will have the production music to fit it, in style and tone to stimulate your audience. Browse our full selection of the latest copyright free music in our royalty free music library and buy online today.

  • Glider


    Chilled-out, ambient electronic theme with fat, warm, swirling pads.

  • Eerie Swirl


    Bleak, sinister electronic soundscape.

  • Disturbed


    Desolate, lonely soundscape with an alien feel.

  • Deep Sorrow


    Sad, emotional orchestral soundtrack with somber, sustained strings. Melancholy, downbeat, reflective.

  • Think Pink


    Funky, familiar-sounding jazz theme with sultry saxophone. Stylish, sophisticated and urbane. Inspired by the Pink…

  • Quirky Vibe


    Sneaky, mysterious lounge jazz style theme with a walking bassline and lush piano. Fun, laid-back and easy-going.

  • Homely State


    Heartwarming, cheery orchestral theme with playful woodwind and stately strings. Delicate, uplifting and touching.

  • Cyber Trip


    High-tech, technology orientated theme with funky breaks and an electronic vibe.

  • Country Travels


    Vibrant, spritely orchestral theme with a playful piano and heartwarming strings. Exciting, lighthearted and happy.

  • Country Round Up


    Vibrant, spritely orchestral theme with an invigorating feel. Exciting, triumphant and happy.

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