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Electronica | Interesting Electronica Royalty Free Music

Something different - A range of interesting electronica royalty free music from Beatsuite inspired by techno, ambient, trance and electronica fusions.

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  • Wonderment


    Intense and repetitive piano motif over funky tech beat. Exciting and interesting business/tech theme with a human feel

  • Positivity


    Slow, majestic electronic theme with deep, filtered beats and airy, evolving pads. Down-tempo, soothing and powerful.

  • More Particles


    Uplifting, inspiring and magical groove with feel good vibes and a warming atmosphere.

  • Freq Unique


    Upbeat, lively and exciting electronica with a funky, uplifting beat and similar sound to Daft Punk.

  • Surf


    Upbeat and intense electronic pop track with driving beats and sweeping arpeggios. Positive, upbeat and inspirational.

  • Tech Pop


    Electro dance pop with big catchy hooks and chunky beats. Up tempo, enthusiastic and exciting.

  • Quirky Journey


    Groovy electronic piece with light, swirley pads and a relaxed feel. Positive, warm and ethereal.

  • Lost


    Warm, atmospheric electronic rock theme with a minimalist breakbeat and moody, reflective guitars.

  • Soulful Ballad


    Smooth legato synth melodies set to a laid back beat using retro sounds create a soft mix of pop, light funk and disco…

  • Hypnotica


    Dancing with subtle energy, this lively light industrial track moves along with mechanical precision. Repetitive in…

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