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Industry and Technology | Hi Tech Copyright Free Industrial Music

Hi Tech Copyright Free Industrial Music

Hi tech copyright free industrial music from influenced by the production of high technology products or innovative procedures. Inspired by manufacturing, production, industry, commerce and the modern commercial world, this hi tech copyright free industrial music is available to license and download royalty free now.

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  • Motherboard


    Laid-back, high-tech electronic theme with minimal beats and bleepy synth leads. Soft, bright and upbeat.

  • Beat Boy


    Heavy, grinding industrial track, loud and noisy. Epic and powerful.

  • Communication Lines


    Majestic, ambient electronic theme with ethereal gated pads and a deep, warm bassline. Futuristic, epic and soothing.

  • Supernova


    High-tech, futuristic trance theme with an industrial feel. Upbeat, confident and energetic.

  • Changing Technologies


    Epic, grand high-tech industrial theme with a bright, airy string pads and deep, throbbing bassline. Atmospheric,…

  • Technological Leap


    Busy, high-tech industrial theme with 8-bit synth sounds and a steady beat.

  • Emotion Recognition Software


    Quirky electro Rock track with computerised sound effects and steady building rhythm that bursts into heavy Rock…

  • Virus


    Deep, futuristic electronic theme with minimalist beats and bleeping, mechanical synth sounds. Dark, abstract and…

  • Heavy Load


    Funky, upbeat, industrial breakbeat track with chunky beats and a rubbery bassline. High-tech, modern and cool.

  • Virtual Hugs


    Innovative and playful electronica with a sense of technology, industry and design with 8-bit chiptune samples.

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