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Action Music | Indie Themed Royalty Free Rock Music

Royalty Free Rock Music has a range of thrashy and exciting guitar based royalty free rock music inspired by the popular sound of the UK Rock/Indie scene with many tracks featuring familiar riffs and melodies. Think Keane, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Feeder and other popular indie bands of the last 10 years. Download this royalty free rock music as a Podcast.

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  • Rock The Trends


    Bold, positive, Indie Rock track with a retro feel and cool bass line. Feel good, energetic and confident.

  • Supernova Blaze


    Indie rock track with a dance crossover feel. Uplifting, positive and upbeat.

  • Grand Stadia


    Blissful, electro-synth pop with delicate and euphoric vocal harmonies and hooks. Similar sound to music featured in the…

  • Individualists


    Energetic, youthful and upbeat Indie Rock track with a feel good, optimistic and exciting feel.

  • Firestarter


    Charged, thrashing and powerful electric guitar theme in similar vein to motor sports, Top Gear and other motor racing…

  • Motivation


    Gritty Indie rock theme with bouncy drum beat. Motivating, upbeat and catchy.

  • Handlebar Moustache


    Mid Tempo Indie Guitar Rock theme. Exciting and energetic.

  • Back To The Mill


    Thrashing Indie Guitars and rhythm track. Exciting, youthful and full of energy.

  • Good Friends


    Feel good, outgoing indie pop track with a positive, friendly sound.

  • I'll Do What I Want


    Vintage/Classic Rock track with confidence, charisma and attitude. Influenced by Led Zepplin and Deep Purple.

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