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Lifestyle | Hustle and Bustle Production Music

Hustle and Bustle Production Music has a range of fast, frantic, busy and hectic themed hustle and bustle production music tracks.

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  • Swinging Sixties Spy


    Busy hustle and bustle style track with the distinct sound of London in from the 60s. Trumpets, drums and organ. Full of…

  • Casino Funk


    Classic funky lounge jazz with sexy guitar licks and a groovy bassline. Glamourous, glitzy and cool.

  • Smooth Nightlife


    Soft, sensual, inspiring and creative beats with blissed out vibes and a contemporary feel.

  • The Cool Kids


    Energetic, busy and bustling rock track with plenty of get up and go. Active, modern and slick.

  • Casino Con


    Tense, intriguing funk theme with wahwah guitars and funky organ riffs. Energetic, bustling and sneaky.

  • Orbit


    Pumping, up-tempo theme with a slamming 4/4 beat and glitzy rock guitar riffs. Upbeat, energetic and glossy.

  • Deep Impacter


    Sexy electronic dance theme with a heavy, swaggering beat and trancey synth melody. High-tech, futuristic and stylish.

  • Run


    Hectic, high-octane electronic theme with fat, pounding beats and dirty synth sounds. Up-tempo, energetic and thrilling.

  • Las Vegas Strip


    Gentle, laid-back groove with stripped-down electronic beats and soft guitars. Peaceful, dreamy and hypnotic.

  • Porkpie Dub


    Slick future-skank with liquid guitars, earthy drums and burning hammond organ.

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