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Happy and Feel Good | Good Times Copyright Free Music

Good Times copyright free music from is a range of happy, positive, feel good, uplifting tracks with influences from rock, funk, folk and soul.

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  • Fine And Dandy


    Uptempo acoustic guitars and driving but light rhythm.

  • A Beautiful Life


    Happy, feel good and upbeat tune. Warm and reassuring sound with a feeling of good times and nostalgic memories.

  • Feeling Animated


    Laid back, relaxed and easy going track with a positive, happy and mellow feel. Plodding along remembering the good…

  • These Days


    Happy, shiny and bright tune with luscious acoustic guitars and super catchy organ riff.

  • This Light


    Long, slow building progressive rock track that leads into an inspirational, uplifting and emotional climax.

  • Salvation


    Happy, bouncy and positive track with a feeling of the good times. Easy going, bright and friendly.

  • Detroit Horns


    Lively, upbeat, action-packed Soul/Funk groove with bustling brass section and energetic drums.

  • Come With Me


    Bright and happy acoustic Guitar groove with Xylophone and feel good, uplifting vibes.

  • Last Goodbye


    Easy going pop rock track with an inspiring feel. Motivating, contemporary and positive.

  • Dubber Daze


    Cheeky, sprightly tune with acoustic pop guitars and thumping beats. Think of summer, smiles and good times…

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