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Acoustic and Easy Going | Royalty Free Folk Music and Copyright Free Folk Music

Royalty Free Folk Music

Royalty free folk music and copyright free folk music from offers a selection of country and folk music closely associated with the singer-songwriter and folk rock sub-genres. Royalty free folk music is generally characterized as a component of the progressive country style and has its roots in the recordings of folk artist Bob Dylan. Country folk has been described as a mellower and gentler form of country music with more emphasis on song writing than vocals. We also have more fun and upbeat royalty free country music, acoustic guitar moods, easy going and prohibition era music.

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  • Taking Time


    Delicate, gentle country guitar theme with a warm, laid-back atmosphere.

  • Praise Him


    Hazy, evocative country style slide-guitar theme. Downtempo, bittersweet and atmospheric.

  • Saz Salt Creek


    Quirky, banjo-based country theme with a jangly, rustic feel. Fun, upbeat and evocative.

  • Alternative Dies


    Dreamy, feel-good rock theme with messy, clattering drums and an intoxicating folk vibe. Warm, friendly and nostalgic.

  • Rough House Blues


    Bouncy electric blues track with two slide guitars over driving bass and drums. Swinging country blues rock. Also…

  • Drunk Again


    Slow and lazy, eay going country ballad with a laid back swaying and swinging style.

  • Gettysburg


    Slow, reflective and hopeful folk and country ballad with a nostalgic feel.

  • Dirt Road


    Fun, happy and funky folk and country hoe down track with multiple banjos and acoustic drums. Toe tapping, high spirited…

  • You And Yourself


    Modern, cool and laid back track with a country feel. Positive, catchy and toe-tapping.

  • Southlands


    Slowish, funky country blues, dobro top line.

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