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Happy and Feel Good | Feel Good Royalty Free Music

Feel Good Royalty Free Music

A range of feel good royalty free music from that inspires a feel good vibe. Uplifting and inspiring music that will lift your project. This feel good royalty free music is available to license and download copyright free.

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  • Friends Forever


    Easy listening, light, positive and inviting. Wholesome, fun and feel good.

  • Free Standing


    Gentle, laid-back theme with delicately fingered electric guitar and minimalist drums. Warm, soothing and peaceful.

  • Valued Friends


    Happy-go-lucky feel-good theme with warm guitars and snappy drums. Friendly, upbeat and positive.

  • New Day


    Classic, feel-good pop rock theme. Enthusiastic, uplifting and positive.

  • At The Prom


    Powerful, uplifting and inspirational theme with a familiar feel. Bright, warm guitars and punchy drums.

  • Melancholic Day


    Feel-good, warm and fuzzy pop-rock track with a great atmosphere. Uplfiting, reassuring and friendly.

  • I Will Be There


    Warm, friendly pop rock theme with comforting, uplifting guitars. Rich, atmospheric and inspirational.

  • Book Of Love


    Warm and friendly. Friendship, family values and feel good wholesome fun. Positive and happy.

  • Great Day


    Upbeat and optimistic rock theme with punchy drums and uplifting guitars. Happy, encouraging and feel-good.

  • Philbo


    Charming, laid-back theme with light guitars and keys. Fresh, breezy and optimistic.

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