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Happy and Feel Good | Feel Good Royalty Free Music

Feel Good Royalty Free Music

A range of feel good royalty free music from that inspires a feel good vibe. Uplifting and inspiring music that will lift your project. This feel good royalty free music is available to license and download copyright free.

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  • At The Moment


    Joyful, bright and positive tune with an upbeat whistling melody. Uplifting, encouraging and feel good.

  • Malaz


    Inspiring, confident and dynamic track with rock guitars and uplifting chords. Powerful, passionate and heartening.

  • Mjohn


    Thoughtful, uplifting theme with bold electric guitars and meaty drums. Enouraging, inspiring and business-like.

  • Soft Seated


    Bright and innocent light Pop track with feel good vibes. Easy listening, friendship, family fun and enjoyment.

  • Friends Forever


    Easy listening, light, positive and inviting. Wholesome, fun and feel good.

  • The Funky One


    A funky pop groove with a catchy bass line and postive, uplifting feel. Lively and bright.

  • Summer Dreaming


    Hazy, laidback acoustic guitar track with a low-fi folksy feel. Relaxing, reassuring and positive.

  • Fixing It


    Feel good, positive, uplifting piano anthem with warm strings inspired by the Coldplay track Fix You.

  • See It Through


    Upbeat, motivational Pop Rock track. Corporate success and recognition.

  • Free Standing


    Gentle, laid-back theme with delicately fingered electric guitar and minimalist drums. Warm, soothing and peaceful.

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