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Happy and Feel Good | Feel Good Royalty Free Music and Feel Good Production Music

feel good royalty free music

Feel good royalty free music and feel good production music from featuring uplifting, feel good, pop and rock tracks bursting with motivational energy and excitement.

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  • Rise Again


    Slow, soft building ambient pop rock track with a thoughtul, almost reflective opening that develops into a positive and…

  • Learning To Fly


    Classic, feel-good rock theme with a hopeful vocal hook. Warm, uplifting and inspirational.

  • Joyride


    Upbeat, carefree and bouncy indie rock/pop track with catchy guitar licks, drums, handclaps and 'hey' vocals. Also…

  • Happy Coz Of You


    Happy Folk/Pop groove with uplifting strings, harp, piano and guitars.

  • Take It In


    Very warm and positive ambient pop rock track with a feel good vibe. Mellow, joyful and inspiring.

  • Only Hope


    Steady building guitar theme with familiar, feel good sound. Reassuring, positive and uplifting.

  • Here It Comes


    Soaring, feel-good rock theme with euphoric guitars and crashing drums. Powerful, epic and inspirational.

  • Lead The Way


    Melodic pop rock track with soaring guitars and pounding drums. Optimistic, hopeful and positive theme.

  • Knowbody's Fool


    Friendly, easy going pop-rock theme with rich, warm guitars and laid-back drums. Atmospheric, relaxed and welcoming.

  • High On You


    A real feelgood, positive and driving pop-rock track with emotional guitar melodies, layers of electric and acoustic…

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