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Score and Orchestral | Royalty Free Fantasy Music

Royalty Free Fantasy Music

An enchanting and magical collection of orchestral royalty free fantasy music from that summons tales of magic, fantasy and adventure. Can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll find the perfect track for your project.

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  • Magical Dream


    Delicate, enchanting orchestral soundtrack theme. Captivating, imaginative and spellbinding.

  • Land Of Wonders


    Delicate, heartwarming orchestral theme with playful flute and warm strings. Touching, magical and innocent.

  • Unfolding Sky


    Magical, festive theme with haunting female operatic vocals. Wondrous, enchanting and captivating.

  • Under The Bard's Tree


    Ambitious and evolving prog-rock theme with fantasy elements.

  • Satan's Ice Cream


    Dream-like, haunting ambient electronic theme. Eerie and mysterious.

  • The Other Side Of The Universe


    Grand, epic theme with haunting, ethereal pads and heavenly choir. Dramatic, magical and enchanting.

  • Uncomforting


    Delicate, enchanting theme with twinkling bells and passionate strings. Magical, dramatic and emotional.

  • Leaf In The Wind


    Floaty, dream-like theme with soft breathy pads and bells. Soft, gentle and calming.

  • A Night of Magic


    Mysterious, fantasy and magical themed orchestral track with angelic voices and stirring feel. Sense of adventure,…

  • A Class Of Its Own


    Inquisitive, curious and fantastical theme with magical mystery sound.

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