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Urban | Royalty Free Drum and Bass Music has a selection of royalty free drum and bass music ranging from the relaxing, chilled out vibe right through to the faster and more manic Jungle sound. We’d also recommend edgy beats and breakbeat for similar tracks.

Drum and bass or drum n bass and commonly abbreviated to DnB emerged in the mid 1990s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the UK rave scene of the very early 1990s. Over the first decade of its existence, the incorporation of elements from various musical genres led to many permutations in its overall style.

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  • India Stylee


    Hard-hitting 2-step garage beat with a funky indian style hook. Beefy, aggressive and urban.

  • Starlights


    Groovy, moderately energetic, dance, techno, Dreamy, starry bells patterns with rough synth licks and uptempo dance…

  • Myriad Of Colours


    Up-tempo, high-tech, uplifting drum and bass theme with dreamy vocal samples and lush pads. Euphoric and enchanting.

  • Heaven On Earth


    Floaty and spaced out Drum n Bass track with a mixture of ambient and fast flowing sections.

  • Piano Limit


    Fast but chilled out health and lifestyle track with swirling pads. Invigorating and positive.

  • Spook


    High-octane techno-thriller with slamming beats and big, brooding bassline. Aggressive, in-your-face and feisty.

  • High Speed Chase


    Fast paced, energetic and rapid mix of breakbeat and drum n bass with strings and driving bass. Dramatic and action…

  • Liquid Sky


    Invigorating, refreshing and uplifting Drum n Bass track with an ethereal, sparkling and soaring feel. Also available…

  • Bass Tricks


    Heavy, edgy and energetic Drum n Bass/Dubstep track with a catchy, action packed sound.

  • Trance DNB


    Excited and energetic drum n bass track with a dreamy, trippy feel of floating that kicks into a fast paced, action…

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