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Electronica | Digital Glitch Inspirational Copyright Free Music

Inspired by Techno/Electronic and Drum n Bass styles, offers these intelligent dance themed inspirational copyright free music tracks featuring a range of chopped up, distorted, mashed-up and glitchy digital themed inspirational copyright free music tracks. Something different and imaginative for your productions available to download royalty free now.

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  • Drum Phenomenology


    Broken, twisted drum loop chopped and filtered almost beyond recognition.

  • Tiny Aside


    Down-tempo, lo-fi instrumental hip-hop theme with dreamy piano samples and laid-back breaks. Atmospheric, relaxing and…

  • Uncontrollable


    Funky, down-tempo IDM theme with broken, scuffling beats and mellow, blissed-out electric piano. Deep, laid-back and…

  • Digital Neurosis


    Modern digital media track, ambient, quirky, technological.

  • Cage


    Experimental, esoteric IDM with sporadic, minimal bursts of percussion and atmospheric sounds. Otherworldly, strange and…

  • Phasers Set To Stun


    Gritty, in-your-face electro monster with a screaming lead riff and deep, pulsing bass. Underground, edgy and cool.

  • Complex Theories


    Heavy, atmospheric electronica with haunting background vocals and deep, pulsating bassline. Dreamlike, ethereal and…

  • This Sweet Garden


    Esoteric, down-tempo IDM theme with splintered, broken beats, soulful female vocals and mellow, laid-back samples. Cool,…

  • Intoxicated


    Deep, atmospheric trip-hop theme with a perky beat and esoteric sound palette, reminiscent of DJ Shadow. Intelligent,…

  • Unfazed


    Down-tempo, atmospheric electronica with lazy, digital beats and a sparse, desolate soundscape. Deep, meditative and…

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