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Media and Entertainment | Royalty Free Dance Music - Commercial Pop/Dance

Royalty Free Dance Music

Royalty Free Dance Music is a vague phrase that encapsulates a wide range of electronic produced music often created by DJ’s for nightclubs and the dance floor. encompasses House, Techno, Electro, RnB, Dub and chill out music. Royalty Free Dance Music as it is commonly known grew out of the late Disco scene in the US. It arrived with the phenomena of the Mix or Scratch DJ - DJ’s who using several record decks and a mixer to combine the music together as one and created live extended remixes of music tracks and blended them seamlessly together to keep the grooves going and create a seamless dancing beat. This marked a turning point both on the dance floor and in modern music production. Most notable the use of the sampler to ‘sampled’ snippets of records that could be added into new music and manipulated to create whole new sounds and rhythms. In that way Dance Music spawned hundreds of Sub Genres and was influenced by music from all over the world. The evolution of Dance music was also inextricably linked to the mainstream music industry which saw Dance Music as a way of getting to new audiences of nightclub goers and party people. Dance Music also spawned a new phenomenon in the ‘Remix’ - where well known DJ’s and Dance Music Producers were hired by major record companies to remix music for the 12” or Dance Mix of major music artists. Although the majority of Dance Music was produced by fairly unknown music artists and DJ’s the mainstream influence was huge and established Dance Music as a serious and dynamic music genre of its own with worldwide successes. The age of electronically produced music had arrived and forever changed the face of contemporary music and culture.

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  • Fly With The Weather


    Contemporary pop dance house track with uplifting pop vibes.

  • Particle Flux


    Action packed, tech funk electronica track with a celebrity, showbiz and glamour theme,

  • Bluesky Highway


    Bright and sparkly electronic commercial pop dance tune with a catchy pumping sound. Exciting, upbeat and positive.

  • Control


    Driving, anthemic club track with big driving summer drums and infectious hooks. Upbeat and positive.

  • Friday Night


    Feel good bright and sparkling Euro dance/electro pop chart track with big fat sparkling synths and deep grooving house…

  • Dance the World Away


    Feel good house electro chart pop track with a bouncy, happy feel. Fresh and uplifting melody. Infectious, groovy and…

  • Turquoise Waters


    Feel good, fresh and colour pop dance track with a happy, inspirational, positive and refreshing sound.

  • Sunburn


    Feel good, happy and uplifting pop dance track with a positive, commercial and celebrity sound.

  • Would You Ever


    Action pack sports/fitness track with energetic pop dance beats. Uptempo and exciting.

  • Tropical Deep House


    Slow, tropical house beats with a summery vibe.

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