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Themes and Collections | Royalty Free Thriller Music

Royalty Free Thriller Music has a unique selection of royalty free thriller music inspired by crime thrillers, espionage and spies. From tense reconnaissance themes to more camp, light-hearted comedy relief. Any of these tracks can be licensed and downloaded in seconds using our online checkout. For more serious soundtrack music try our mystery, suspense or dramatic collections.

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  • Under Cover Of Darkness


    Moody and aggressive electronic theme with roaring guitars and slamming beats. Tense, gripping and mildly unsettling.

  • Spy Catcher


    Sneaky, bold and dramatic theme with walking double-bass and plenty orchestral accompaniment.

  • The Sixth Sign


    Tense, edgy theme with futuristic beats and dramatic strings. Nervy, gripping and exciting.

  • Secret Service


    Edgy, futuristic soundtrack theme with high-tech beats and tense orchestral strings. Thrilling, tense and gripping.

  • In D Pocket


    Dramatic, mysterious orchestral theme with a contemporary, electronic beat. Sneaky, crafty and suave.

  • Petitie Louange


    Dramatic and exciting theme with sneaky bass and mysterious pads. Tense, gripping and filled with suspense.

  • Classified Information


    High-tech, electronic thriller with slick beats and mysterious synth pads. Gripping, tense and captivating.

  • Sleeper


    Serious, pensive, dangerous and urgent dramatic crime and thriller music with an espionage feel. Epic orchestral string…

  • Red Light District


    Raunchy, laid-back lounge jazz theme with suggestive saxophone and mysterious electric piano. Saucy, evocative and…

  • Science Fiction


    High-tech action thriller theme with orchestral strings and clinical electronic beats. Futuristic, dramatic and…

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