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Royalty Free Music | Royalty Free Classical Music

royalty free classical music

Royalty free classical music from - A collection of the most popular and recognisable classical music works. Classical music is used everywhere. Whether standalone or as part of something bigger, it is the inspiration behind many great musical tracks and scores in Hollywood movies.

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  • Satie - Gnossienne No.2


    The second Gnossienne has the instruction, 'avec √©tonnement', (with astonishment), to instruct the player to play…

  • Getting Through Customs


    Tense, gripping orchestral soundtrack theme with nervy, edgy strings. Fraught, thrilling and dramatic.

  • Eccentric Waltz


    Dramatic, exciting waltzing theme with plenty of energy and character.

  • Brahms - Waltz Opus 39 No.15 A Flat Major


    One of sixteen waltzes by Brahms which shows a really soft and sentimental side. The dynamics don't change too much so…

  • Chopin - Waltz Opus 69 No.1 A Flat Major (L'adieu)


    A playful waltz with a slight tinge of regret. 'The Farewell Waltz', was written by Chopin for a love he was once…

  • Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.14 Opus 27 No.2 (Moonlight Sonata 2nd Movement)


    The second movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is a contrast to the first movement. This movement is positive,…

  • Debussy - Arabesque No.1


    A beautiful, flowing introduction leads us into a magical fantasy. Sweet and tender, this is the first of Debussy's…

  • Albeniz - Asturias (Leyenda)


    Brooding and oozing passion, this cross between Spanish flamenco and classical styles is one of the most famous solo…

  • Chopin - Prelude Opus 28 No.7 A Major (The Polish Dancer)


    Only sixteen bars long, this is a beautiful prelude. Graceful, serene and delicate it allows the listener to relax and…

  • Bach - Prelude No.1 In C Major Bwv 846


    Light and calm, this is a wonderful track for tender moments, romance, weddings, sentimental nostalgia and background…

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