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Royalty Free Music | Royalty Free Classical Music

royalty free classical music

Royalty free classical music from - A collection of the most popular and recognisable classical music works. Classical music is used everywhere. Whether standalone or as part of something bigger, it is the inspiration behind many great musical tracks and scores in Hollywood movies.

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  • Mozart - Piano Sonata No.11 A Major Kv331 (2nd Movement)


    A bold introduction disguises the delicate melodies of this menuetto. Punctuated by light, dancing themes, this is a…

  • Cycles


    Delicate, heartwarming contemporary orchestral theme with enchanting bells and majestic strings. Warm, uplifting and…

  • Debussy - Arabesque No.2


    The second on Debussy's Arabesques is faster, brighter and more lively. Although the two works are usually put in the…

  • Katy Fair


    Tender, romantic orchestral theme with heartfelt piano and warm, sympathetic strings.

  • Moonlight Sonata


    Contemporary rendition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sontata on piano with string and synth accompaniment. Soft, somber and…

  • Eccentric Tango


    Dramatic, exciting tango theme with plenty of energy and character.

  • Chopin - Waltz Opus 70 No.1 G Flat Major


    Dancing melodies bounce and sparkle in this glorious waltz for piano. A calmer section allows you to get your breath…

  • Satie - Gymnopedie No.3


    Slow and grave, ('Lent et grave'), the third Gymnopodie is perhaps the most heartbreaking. The whole ambience is…

  • Pacific Pastrol


    Tender, delicate orchestral theme with soft strings and pastoral horns. Warm, gentle and reassuring.

  • Sad And Weird Tango


    Mysterious, spooky tango theme with eerie stings and chromatic percussion. Dark and moody.

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