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Classical Music | Royalty Free Classical Music by Chopin offers the classical music of Frederic Chopin, the 19th century polish composer and virtuoso pianist. Chopin enjoyed success throughout his short life, starting his musical career as a renowned child-prodigy pianist and composer.

We offer a collection of Chopin classical music performed by The Beat Suite 50 piece Orchestra. You can preview each track to find the music you are looking for, and then follow our easy download and licensing system to complete your purchase. Browse our full range of copyright free music and buy online today.

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  • Chopin - Minute Waltz Opus 64 D Flat Major


    The tempo instruction on the score is 'molto vivace', (very lively), and it certainly is swift and joyous. A very famous…

  • Chopin - Mazurka Opus 67 No.2 G Minor


    Chopin composed many mazurkas, (a Polish folk dance), and this is one of his most familiar. Not too fast, but swirling…

  • Chopin - Etude Opus 10 No.3 (Tritesse)


    A serene start with beautiful melodies produces a sentimental and loving atmosphere. This contrasts with the more…

  • Chopin - Waltz Opus 64 No.2 C Sharp Minor


    The start to this Chopin waltz is elegant and almost sedate. But then the contrast is shown by very fast sections that…

  • Chopin - Waltz Opus 69 No.2 B Minor


    The minor key of this waltz gives the piece a melancholic, almost sad feel. The soloist plays at a medium tempo without…

  • Chopin - Prelude Opus 28 No.4 E Minor (Suffocation)


    Sad and devoid of hope, this Chopin composition was played at his own funeral. It has been popular in recent film and TV…

  • Chopin - Prelude Opus 28 No.20 C Minor (Funeral March) (Quiet Ending)


    The pianist decided to perform a quieter ending to this Chopin prelude. It has the nickname, 'Funeral March', although…

  • Chopin - Nocturne Opus 9 No.1 B Flat Major


    A piano solo that starts peacefully and delicately before rising to an emotional crescendo, then dropping back to a…

  • Chopin - Nocturne Opus 15 No.2 F Sharp Major


    A tender start to this lovely piano solo. The middle section rises with increasing emotion before settling down with the…

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