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Themes and Collections | Royalty Free Children’s Music and Copyright Free Children's Music

Royalty free children's music and copyright free children's music available to license and download from Music Library. Featuring a range of child friendly music including nursery rhymes and lullabies

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  • Wacky Races


    Zany and fun-filled theme with energetic rhythm and quirky instrumentation. Fast-paced, vibrant and light-hearted.

  • Zany Daydream


    Psychadelic cockney-style theme with a jaunty off-beat rhythm and funky piano. Fun, light-hearted and energetic.

  • Curious


    Piano-led corporate track with a light, regal feel. Slightly playful, whimsical and curious with a positive sound.

  • Yokely Dokely


    Zany, up-tempo theme with a springy, bouncing beat and red-neck banjo. Fun, light-hearted and carefree.

  • Lots And Lots Of Noise


    Loud, fun and playful children's theme with a militaristic feel.

  • Mr Sloppy


    Cheerful and playful children's theme with clarinet and woodblocks. Innocent, lighthearted and jolly.

  • Inside The Box


    Playful, fun and dramedy track with a documentary style theme.

  • Little Bit Of Noise


    Magical, enchanting festive theme with glistening chimes and sleigh bells. Warm, gentle and heartwarming.

  • Playtime Boogie


    Fun and quirky children's theme with playful guitars and rubbery synths. Simplistic, laid-back and easy-going.

  • Children's Calypso


    Fun, fresh and cheerful theme with playful flute and clarinet. Jolly, perky and lively.

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