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Themes and Collections | Royalty Free Children’s Music and Copyright Free Children's Music

Royalty free children's music and copyright free children's music available to license and download from Music Library. Featuring a range of child friendly music including nursery rhymes and lullabies

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  • Airdance


    Playful, tender orchestral theme with light strings, woodwind and xylophone. Soft, natural and heartwarming.

  • Just To Have Some Fun


    Fun, quirky theme with a funky beat and bright, shiny bells. Upbeat, carefree and friendly.

  • Circus


    Jaunty, playful theme with silly, humorous vibe.

  • Magic Flute


    Fresh, funky electronic breakbeat theme with offbeat dub style vibe. Mellow, laid-back and futuristic.

  • Toy Town Dance


    Happy and light hearted children's track with a jolly rhythm

  • Loopy Magic


    Jangly, bouncy theme with a funky walking bassline, crazy kazoos and slide-whistles. Fun, easygoing and lighthearted.

  • Fearless Game


    Funky, modern lounge style theme with a quirky beat and lush, warm feel.

  • Hide And Seek


    Jolly, playful theme with bouncy pizzicato strings and frolicking woodwind. Fun, joyous and upbeat.

  • Playful Antics


    Fun, quirky theme with a pacey beat and bright, jolly woodwind and xylophone. Upbeat, carefree and friendly.

  • Circus Tango


    Quirky, jolly and upbeat Tango Accordion piece. Cross between novelty children's music and circus freakshow vibes.

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