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Chilled Out/Lounge | Calm and Reassuring

Calm and Reassuring

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  • Fluttering Path


    Slow, ambient and melancholic track with a glittery, flowing feel. Gentle arpeggios and diverse bells with a harp. Dream…

  • Koloss


    Dreamy, downtempo theme with lush warbling pads and occasional guitars. Inspiring, relaxed and gentle.

  • Light Is Born


    Gentle, emotional theme with dreamy guitars and rolling snares. Euphoric, uplifting and powerful.

  • Square Drops


    Dreamy, soothing electronic theme with calm, gentle strings pads and echoing, chilled-out beats. Cool, tranquil and…

  • A Happy Place


    A delicate and beautiful theme featuring a melodious harp and warm, swelling strings. Peaceful, uplifting and serene.

  • Under The Moon


    Dreamy, blissed-out electronica with a magical, ethereal atmosphere. Warm, soft and relaxing.

  • Meditation


    Cool laid-back lounge track. Slow and easy going. Classy and mellow.

  • Anna


    Subtle, delicate and sparse waltz. Graceful and frail. Melancholic, reflective, memories and history.

  • Tranquility


    Beautiful, slow and calm, soothing ambient track, almost like a lullaby with a sentimental and melancholic feel.…

  • Costa Del Sol


    Sparse, lazy, down-tempo theme with a deep, plodding beat and hazy, swirling guitars. Quirky, laid-back and relaxing.

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