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Themes and Collections | Royalty Free Blues Music

Royalty Free Blues Music has a range of royalty free blues music tracks, a genre that originated in African-American communities of primarily the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the 19th century from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants. The blues form, ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll is characterized by specific chord progressions, of which the twelve-bar blues chord progression is the most common.

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  • Wheels On Fire


    Funky country style rock theme with big, crashing drums and rich guitars. Atmospheric, evocative and confident.

  • Bar Room Blues


    Cool and mellow laid back Blues Rock track. Casual, moody and un-intrusive.

  • Foxy Blues


    Smoky, raunchy blues theme dripping with atmosphere. Evocative, charged and passionate.

  • Rectify


    Fat, meaty rock anthem with a blues feel. Loud, swaggering and powerful.

  • Slide Solo


    Short, atmospheric electric blues guitar melody,

  • Delta Sound


    Familiar sounding Blues Rock track with slamming guitar riffs and country feel.

  • Old Man Blues


    Strong, passionate blues track with lead solo guitar. Mellow, reflective and thoughtful.

  • Blues Man


    Up-tempo blues theme with a funky southern party atmosphere. Upbeat and energetic.

  • Hard Day


    Swaggering, confident rock theme with big, dirty guitars. Assertive, positive and self-assured.

  • Hitting Rock Bottom


    Rich, soulful blues rock theme with a thick, heady atmosphere.

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